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Standardization Saving

Questions often arise as to the validity of EV, Electric Vehicles as a 'green' option. That aside it looks as they are here to stay. At the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen announced

Wednesday 9th May 2012 | Read full article

Clean Energy Standard Act

According to Smart Grid, Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico has introduced a new bill to set the standards on providing clean energy.

Tuesday 6th March 2012 | Read full article

Energy Star Awards Announced

In March the Energy Star Awards were announced, giving praise and recognition to those in the industry making efforts to be energy efficient.

Saturday 3rd March 2012 | Read full article

Energy Efficiency Could Save US $1 trillion

Energy Efficiency Could Save US $1 trillion. Zachary Shahan reporting on the United States Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits Report, stated that new types of financial models could strongly encourage business to invest in energy efficiency.

Friday 17th February 2012 | Read full article

Enigin Scam Busters

At Enigin PLC our MISSION is: “To provide, innovative and responsible energy saving solutions - empowering forward thinking people to Profit With Integrity”

You will find more details on our comprehensive range of proven products on our corporate website:-

Energy Saving Products

Most of our approved products and accredited solutions, when installed on the right applications, can deliver substantial savings in both energy consumption and costs, often with an incredible 2-YEAR PAYBACK – That’s massive 50%. ROI.

  • Motor Controllers that can save up to 50% in some instances
  • Air Conditioning Energy Savers that improve efficiency and can save up to 30% in the process
  • Stunning LED Lighting that can save a whopping 85%
  • Our chemical compound refrigeration thermostats that can reduce cycles by 50% with 30% overall cost savings

But how can facility managers and company executives know for certain that any decisions they make when it comes to investing in energy efficiency technologies will deliver the much needed savings? How can they be sure they will not fall victim to some sort of scam or rip-off?

Enter the all-new initiative from Enigin PLC; The Enigin Scam Busters!

We have spent the last five years designing and actualising Eniscope. An awesome product with many unique functions and beneficial features – it’s a Real Time Energy Analyser that plugs into your power supply and captures all of the information relating to your energy usage via class one revenue grade meters and a centralized ‘hub’ that disaggregates the information and sends it to your PC, lap-top or hand held device. Now you are able you to see exactly what’s going on as the energy flows through your building. This can be at site level, circuit level or even on individual pieces of equipment.

This means you can use Eniscope – The Enigin Scam Buster - to verify the effectiveness of any new technologies you may choose to evaluate.

Eniscope empowers you to make the right decisions when it comes to energy saving products and solutions.

Be assured… there are many very good quality load-side products available now, with new further ingenious concepts in the pipeline that will no doubt, in the right applications, make significant reductions to your energy costs. But not all products do “what it say’s on the tin” and sadly some business people have been duped with rip-off scam products - which is costly to you and damaging to our otherwise credible industry. But thanks to Eniscope – the primary tool used by the Enigin Scam Buster Team you can readily differentiate the quality products that can deliver massive savings… often well in excess of 50%... and give you a return on your investment comfortably inside two years - or maybe even better returns in some cases!

Thanks to Eniscope you will now be able to easily prove and demonstrate to others the results of any energy saving products you purchase or ‘best practice’ strategies you implement.

Enigin PLC takes a highly ethical approach to Energy Management. We have a portfolio of proven load-side products that are suitable for applications in almost every conceivable type of facility including; commercial buildings, airports, offices, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and all manner of industrial manufacturing facilities.

Enigin PLC provides these solutions through a network of trained and qualified distributors operating in over 50 countries around the world. Distributors are encouraged to adopt the EnergyMaps Code of Practice, which ensures that everything we do is fully transparent. This means that when Enigin make recommendations and install products, or simply implement other ‘no and low cost’ energy efficiency strategies we do so with the knowledge that it is both the right product and solution, installed on the right application… every time.

There is also the opportunity to reduce costs without even reducing the amount of energy you use. Many organisations have made considerable savings by switching to a different, more competitive supplier or staying with the same provider and moving onto a different charging structure. It’s not just a matter of HOW MUCH energy you use but the amount you ultimately pay can be influenced considerably by other factor like; when your energy is used, the amount of reactive power in the system and peak demand usage.

Thanks to Eniscope you will be able to readily see for yourself in unequivocal terms financial benefits you are enjoying in real time, and then show all members of your team the validity of your decisions to switch to a different tariff so never again do you need to be concerned you may be victim of a scam product or rip-off special tariff switching deal that later proved to be little more the totally outlandish savings hype.

Eniscope makes the otherwise invisible energy now visible in beautiful graphical displays…. Saving energy has never been this easy or looked this good.

Indeed, it is hard to understand how anyone could possibly embark on a meaningful energy management programme without the benefit of Eniscope! It’s like trying to read and understand this information with your eyes closed. Electrical energy is invisible in use so it’s very hard to spot costly energy leaks.

Thanks to The Enigin Scam Buster Team and the incredible Eniscope you will be able to make meaningful, informed decisions and buy with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you are making wise choices about energy saving priorities.